Top 10 Weirdest and Strangest Thing That Can Only Be Found In Japan. Read Here!

Japan is one of the most innovated and advance countries in Asia in terms of technology. Throughout the years this country has continued to prove so, however there are certain circumstances that makes you rethink whether some innovations and creations were good or just.. odd. 

1. The Poop Museum
Ever seen your poop or any others on display? well, now you can! The museum is located in Tokyo, Japan.

2. Toilet Slippers
Japanese have always proved how essential hygiene is.

3. Strange Treat Flavors
More than your typical flavors of ice cream, Japan reintroduces a bigger and odder variety.

4. Vending Machine
Vending Machines can be found around any street corners nowadays, what's the big deal? Well, Japan's vending machine sells odd stuff, vegetables and a lot of odder things.

5. Bagel Head
When we say weird, we mean weird. Bagel Head is a body modification that makes someone's forehead appear to have a bagel.

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